About Us

Great realities, like that of a cookie that can create a future, can only arise from the tenacity of a dream

we introduce ourselves

Micro-cookie factory Frolla

Frolla, like all projects, was born from an idea, but even before that it comes from a simple friendship. We are Jacopo Corona (26) and Gianluca Di Lorenzo (40), an aspiring pastry chef and a social worker, and we made social work a life choice. We wanted to develop something together, so we started working on what we already had.

Along our path we met Silvia Spegne, mother of a boy with disabilities who joined the team.
We developed the project starting from simple things, in fact, as our slogan says: Frolla uno dei cibi più semplici… ma non banali! (Frolla, one of the simplest, but not trivial, foods!) We wanted a pastry product that could be shared by everyone, produced by disabled children! So we thought of cookies, made as they once were, with exclusively local flours from our region, Marche!

We have been helped by professional pastry chefs and we started experimenting with recipes. We wanted something gourmet, that people would like, but above all that would enhance the work of our kids! We want a product that sells for its quality, and not for the simple fact that it is made by a disabled boy.

We have noticed that there are many disabled children with important skills and abilities who unfortunately are not encouraged and cannot be expressed. It is like a fire in which no wood is thrown, so it slowly goes out. These kids have a volcano inside them, but they cannot make it erupt simply because they have no way to do it! All of this gave birth to the Frolla project, which aims to produce artisanal cookies with the employment of children with disabilities.

We started testing the idea by opening a Facebook and Instagram account in which we only published photos of gourmet cookies. People began to like it, then we came out with a video where we filmed our kids at work and the news was received with great interest! We started receiving hundreds of messages from people interested in the project, we were able to be included in The Hive business incubator, we ran a crowdfunding campaign and ended up collecting almost triple what we asked for.

Many people have asked us for work collaborations, Gianni Lombardi (a well-known pastry chef in the area) has become a volunteer partner of the project, and in addition to joining our team, he has granted us an equipped laboratory where we and the kids will be able to work.

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