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The project

The FROLLABUS project has the main goal to further the autonomy at the job place of disadvantaged people through the implementation of an innovative breakfast service able to cope with the current pandemic situation, which has transformed the way they perform their work activities.

Who’s Frolla?

Frolla is a social cooperative operating in the food and beverage sector that aims to provide socially disadvantaged people a job placement program.

The social project Frolla was created in Osimo (An) on 12.05.2018 based on idea started on a napkin but implemented with the help of a Crowdfunding campaign and a network of local entrepreneurs who strongly believed in the realization of the project. After the first months of research and development, in January 2019 the project takes off, cincorporating the “Cooperativa Sociale Frolla Impresa Sociale Ente Terzo Settore”.

Frolla’s mission is to promote social inclusion and the placement of people with disabilities into the labour market. This is done through the production of high-quality cookies which are produced with a simple process that gives anyone the opportunity to do it. Frolla is very much focused on enhancing people with disabilities at work, by letting them express and highlight their peculiar abilities and skills. This is achieved by involving them in the production of cookies and in their sale to the general public. Not only does it represent an employment opportunity, but also a possibility of engagement and experience exchange in an atmosphere that is both familiar and professional.

Objectives of the project

  • GENERAL OBJECTIVE: to increase Frolla’s service by expanding and innovating the breakfast service through the use of a track that will serve as a mobile bar, and to increase the working autonomy of people with disabilities involved in our activities.
  • SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 1: to increase the breakfast service by participating in fairs, events and markets using the FROLLABUS.
  • SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 2: to carry out a promotional service to local companies by posting their logos directly on the FROLLABUS.

The main components of the project 

The project will involve at least three people who will work on the FROLLABUS: two people with disabilities and one person coordinating them.

According with the philosophy of Frolla, not only is the scope to improve and innovate our services, but also to offer one more chance for inclusion and professional growth to all young people involved.

Bring the Frollabus to your company!

We’ll come to you for an event, a time of goodness and community building.

Call us to organize a corporate breakfast completely dedicated to you.

Here you can see some of the breakfasts we have already organized.

Bring the Frollabus to your company!

We will come to you for an event, a moment of sweetness and sharing.
Call us to organize a company breakfast completely dedicated to you.
Here you can see some of the breakfasts we have already organized.

Would you like to know more?

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Headquarter: Via XVII Luglio n. 16 OSIMO (AN) 60027



Do you want to know more about Frolla?