Here are our cookies, from the bottom of our hearts

The idea of ​​a special cookie, the dream of that cookie being something more; this is how the micro-cookie factory Frolla was born

Yes, our cookies are special

Here is why Frolla is differently out of the chorus



Flour, sugar, eggs, fruit: our cookies contain nothing but high quality ingredients



Frolla is a starting point, a family, a space, a possibility. Frolla is where hope becomes cookies



We do everything, step by step: we knead, bake and pack. It is teamwork



For our kids with various disabilities, work means future, independence. And for us, they are irreplaceable resources

Diversamente bar

Diversamente Bar is much more than a bar! We are open for breakfast, calmly and with a smile, on Saturdays and Sundays

The Bar

You can find us in Osimo in Via XVII Luglio 16.

The Breakfast

Have breakfast with us! Our offer includes fragrant croissants filled at the moment by our super kids with jam, hazelnut cream and pistachio cream. You can also taste Frolla cookies and the donuts  and plum cakes we produce

The Shop

Apart from eating breakfast, you can go shopping! You can purchase cookies, as well as our gadgets, such as the new mugs and the Frolla labeled aprons

What they say about Frolla

  • I was thrilled by the project alone, but now that I have finally tasted the full range of products, I can confirm that you are doing an exceptional work, and I hope you can continue along this path.

    Lorena G.
  • A treat for the palate and for the taste! This is what I felt like while enjoying your cookies. For Easter I decided to give cookies as a gift, instead of eggs: I couldn't have made a better choice, everyone was amazed! While eating them, you can feel all the love with which they are made, and the flavour that immediately captures you. The project is valid, but the tastiness and the sensations they give off are priceless! Good job! 

    Roberta C.
  • A splendid group, an amazing project and more than delicious cookies! Don’t stop, ever!!

    Sara F.
  • Excellent products for their taste, heart and spirit of initiative that involves not only the palate, but the mood of those who look into an innovative and rich reality from every point of view. A success that I hope will grow out of all proportion. Very good ... Congratulations

    Emanuela S.

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